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Quick Lites® Magnetic Lighting - Keeps Storage Containers Organized and Helps Prevent Accidents

storage containers with quicklites inside

Finally, bring power and lighting inside your dark storage containers.

10' kit = $10/mo (1 - 4' light & 1 - Switch/double outlet)
20' kit = $15/mo (2 - 4' lights & 1 - Switch/double outlet)
40' kit = $25/mo (4 - 4' lights & 1 - Switch/double outlet)

All Lights and Switch/double outlet combo are magnetically mounted.

4' Vapor Sealed, double Flourescent lighting.  Modular set up allows you to add more lights as needed.

Easily to find and replace, T5 lightbulbs Plug in with a standard extension cord and see the light! Takes minutes to install and doesn’t penetrate the container roof or walls.

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